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Welcome to Indoor Herb Garden dot Org!

I decided to put this site up because I know a lot of folks out there are in the same boat I'm in.

I grew up in the Garden State of New Jersey, with a beautiful victory garden. In my day, I grew beautiful sweet tomatoes, watermelon, snow peas, lettuce, cantalopes, corn, marigolds, carnations, pansies, you name it in the beautiful little garden I had growing up.

Well, adulthood set it, and I moved to New York City area. I live in an apartment on the third floor, and I MISS being able to sow my seeds, till my soil, and reap a bountiful harvest. And worse, when I need fresh herbs for my cooking, I have to go to an overpriced supermarket, spend $5 for a handful of herbs, most of which I'll throw away.

So, I became determined to find great products for growing herbs indoors. Lo and behold, I ended up finding products that are would not only let me capture a little of the feeling of having my own garden again, in many ways they're superior to growing outdoors. What I love about indoor gardening is that all you need is a window with southern exposure and a windowsill, and you can plant so many things. And with new hydroponic technology, you don't even need that window!

So have fun surfing through the site. And be sure to visit the new discussion forum to share your own tips, advice, questions, and RECIPES!


who needs an

indoor herb garden?

People who love to cook: imagine if whenever you needed a teaspoon of herbs for a recipe, you could just cut it from a LIVE plant, rather than run to the supermarket and pay $5 at a supermarket for a large bunch (most of which you'll throw away).

People who love to garden: Have a green thumb? Imagine having a thriving garden that's free of bugs and poor climate, which you can harvest year-round, even during the cold winter months!

People with green thumbs who live in apartments and condos: If you're like me, you might have no yard, no patio, no soil to call your own. Part of living in the urban and suburban world. Well, fellow frustrated gardener, you can keep your thumb as green as the folks living in the wheatfields of Kansas again.

People who want to live healthy: Aside from the nutritional value of these herbs, houseplants in general are a great way to clean the air. Photosynthesis takes carbon dioxide from the air and emits clean and pure oxygen.

Do you fall under any of these categories? If so, this site is dedicated to teaching you all about indoor gardening and pointing you to the very best of the best products out there so you can get started TODAY!

I've listed some of my favorite products below. In addition, there'll be a discussion forum where I'll be listing out some of my favorite tips and recipes. You're invited to share yours too!

Digging in to the best

Indoor Gardening Products

1. aerogardens

If you have the money for it, this is THE ULTIMATE appliance for indoor gardeners. Using space-age hydroponics technology, you can harvest vast quanities of herbs for cooking and storage, right on your kitchen counter!

Find out more about AeroGardens here.

2. indoor herb garden kits

For those on a more limited budget, you can still enjoy a harvest of great herbs with kits from Planting Shed Creations. This is a great family-run company based in Idaho that creates the most creative and innovative indoor garden kits I've ever seen. .

Their products are on sale all over the Internet, but my favorite place to buy then is UnCommon Goods, another great company, based in New York, that sells all kinds of great gift items, and even lets you donate part of your purchase price to charity.

Read more about Indoor Herb Garden Kits here.

3. indoor gardening tips

Read some tips and advice on starting your own indoor garden.

Read tips and advice now.

4. discussion board

Have any questions? Want to share your experiences with your indoor gardening? Want to trade recipes you've found that make use of all those herbs you'll be harvesting?

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